2016 Inaugural Cohort

Aces Health

Using an intuitively designed smartphone app and an ecosystem of connected health devices like Fitbits and Bluetooth inhalers, Aces transforms the patient experience to improve adherence and compliance to medical regimens outside the doctor’s office. Their platform simplifies patient engagement in pharmaceutical trials while allowing researchers to leverage mobile technology, enabling real time data capture and decreasing patient attrition.


Admetsys has developed a first-of-its-kind artificial pancreas for hospital and surgical care, leveraging
adaptive learning algorithms and counterbalancing treatment of insulin and glucose.

Callie Solutions

Callie Solutions, Inc. is a technology company developing communication solutions for the healthcare industry. We are dedicated to providing the best communication systems for hospitals because they believe that when patients and care providers communicate better we see better patient results.

Chrona Sleep

Chrona turns any pillow into a Smartpillow that tracks and enhances the quality of your sleep. Chrona’s non-invasive pillow topper design delivers a comfortable and invisible experience, anywhere. Make 6 hours of sleep feel like 8.


At Line Health, our mission is to help you to take the right pill at the right time, leading to a longer and healthier life. We go to work everyday with this in mind, and are developing exciting products to help you do just that.


Practech is currently working on delivering wearable scanning devices to healthcare staff to allow further automation of hospital healthcare environments via their notification system and backend processes to streamline and manage workflow. Their wearable devices also include scanners which act as verification system at point to scan patient and treatment barcodes to insure that that no errors occur at point of care “Medication Boarding Passes.”

Vital Metrix

Vital Metrix is a non-invasive, portable technology for hemodynamic monitoring at home, to better manage and potentially reduce the risk of hospital readmission for patients with heart failure. Vital Metrix is also an alternative to currently used invasive procedures that have high risks of complications, and high costs for the patient.